Goodbye Picky.

Hello Possibility!


Is your child's food variety shrinking?  


Are you sick of food being wasted



The average family tosses $1,700 worth of food every year.  


Does this sound familiar?

  • “I want to stop negotiating with my kids to eat, but nothing else works”

  • “I dread dinner before it even starts. I don’t know what to make – or if they will eat it"

  • “I keep offering the same foods because it’s easier”

  • “I’m worried my child isn't getting enough protein (or other nutrients) to thrive"

  • “I keep waiting for the ‘picky eating’ phase to pass, but it’s been months” (or maybe years)



Mealtimes might not be fun for you.


It's not fun for your child either. 


That's not the childhood memory they should have, right?

I was really hard on myself when it came to my son’s eating, even embarrassed.


Now, since working with Danielle in the CLUB, I feel better about giving my child the best experiences that HE is comfortable with. This program has been more than just about “getting my son to eat,” it has been marvelous in getting me to relax so that we have been able to see measurable successes. I am forever grateful!

Jocelyn, USA (mom of 8 year old)

You're worried that you're setting your child up for a lifetime of limited food preferences by not learning ways to help them expand now.

You want more for your family...

More Food Exploration

Present foods to your child in a playful and engaging way so that they can learn to like new foods faster.

More Nutrition 

at the Table

Serve a variety of nutrient-rich foods and family-friendly recipes with ease, so you don't have to worry if they are getting 'enough'.

More Enjoyable


Create a joyful environment and positive memories for your family at the dinner table - time to say goodbye to the mealtime battles.


Ongoing guidance for every step in your child’s eating journey and coaching from a Certified Nutritionist.

Plus invaluable support from a community of parents like you. So you never (ever) feel alone.


Raising adventurous eaters 

and a thriving family

is easier than you think!

You just need a guide to show you exactly

what to feed your child (and family).


And how to offer foods in a fun and engaging way.

  • You want support from an expert through every stage of your family's eating journey. 

  • You want to be a part of a community of like-minded parents who get you. 

  • You want to help your family develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime.​

  • You want to assurance that your family is getting enough nutrition to thrive, right?

  • You want your children to enjoy (not fear) new foods and willingly try them.

  • You want to be inspired with SIMPLE healthy recipes your family will want to eat.

Sarah Brickell, Canada (mom of 4 children)

The CLUB is a proven mealtime system

that will help your child

try (and like) new foods faster.


Without begging, bribing or battles.


Say goodbye to: 

~ mealtime drama

~ making multiple meals

~ wasting $$$$ on uneaten food

The learning that I have received is priceless - the meal ideas, recipes, and new foods to serve my kids (with background info on why) has been amazing.

Erinn Rebecca, Canada (Mom of two)

Hi, I'm Danielle! 

And I get it.

I'm a Certified Nutritionist and Picky Eating Expert.  But I'm also a mom of three little girls, who experienced stressful mealtimes with an "extreme picky eater". 


As a nutritionist, I knew WHAT to feed my child and my family. But I didn't know HOW.  A few years and Certifications later,  I changed our mealtime approach and the transformation was incredible. 


I've since helped thousands of parents around the world do the same.  Raising healthy families requires   ongoing guidance & ideas to make new food fun


That's why I created the

Raising Adventurous Eaters CLUB! 

How does the CLUB work?

Every month you will receive a virtual "Mealtime Kit" to help you go from

feeling frustrated and stuck to feeling supported and inspired

Each kit includes:

Introduce a New Food Card

How you introduce new food matters!  I'll show you how to present healthy foods to your child in a way that builds curiosity and helps them learn to like foods faster!




Food Exploration Activity Card

Eating is a sensory experience!  Get 4+ quick & clever sensory activities to help your child explore new foods in a playful way Be amazed as they become willing to try new foods - no bribing or battles. 




Get inspired with nutrient-rich meals AND snacks to serve your family. Includes recipes that are picky eater & parent friendly, and have less than 10 ingredients. There's something for ALL dietary restrictions. 




 Quickly improve your family’s nutritional intake with simple evidence-based tips you can implement right away - so you don't have to worry whether they are getting enough. 



Wait...there's more!

Coaching Calls

Private Community

A safe space for sharing challenges, and celebrating all your mealtime wins!  Get inspired by our intimate group of parents who are in your shoes.

Monthly Motivation

All your videos and checklist will be stored in one place, an online membership site that you can easily access with your private login.



Danielle is the child food whisperer. I’m loving everything about the membership.  


She understands what it’s like to be frustrated and exhausted and takes us through a practical way to get us to where we want to be at mealtimes – happy, having fun and feeling really proud of ourselves and our kids as they adventure into new foods…all because of what we have learned together.


I can’t recommend the membership enough. It has been a truly worthwhile and no-brainer investment into my kids health and well-being. And mine too!



KERRY BYRNE, mom of two

Imagine rocking it at mealtimes in all of these areas...

  • Create a SOLID Mealtime Routine

    How to set up your daily mealtime and snack times so your child comes to the table with an appetite and willingness to try food.  Create a solid schedule with the mealtime schedule PDF.

  • Manage Sweets & Treats (the right way)

    Childhood diabetes is on the rise, you'll want to know how to properly handle sugar.  You'll get 20+ research-based strategies to squash the treat obsession and develop a healthy relationship with sugar. 

  • Boost Your Child's Protein (even if they don't eat meat)

    You'll know how to ensure your child is getting enough protein to thrive. The PDF checklist and short video will show you what to serve so your protein concerns disappear.

  • And so much more...


All materials, video trainings, MP3s, cheatsheets, recipes, and more are available via the online membership site.



(and picky eaters)

are being transformed






Here's what parents are saying...

Your advice and tools have given our family so many new & better ways to tackle the concerns I had when I joined the membership. Like refocusing how I approach a successful meal and better phrases to use too! 


Mom of two

SO MANY POSITIVE CHANGES!!! Less stress both on our kids but also on us!! Your advice has been freeing and encouraging.


Now, typically by the end of the meal my kids have tried something they said they didn’t want at the start of the meal.


Mom of two

I think that what you are doing is wonderful, can't be happier that I signed up for this.


Mom of four

I feel more calm. Knowing I have you there as a resource to give me a detailed plan!


Mom of two 

I literally jumped at the chance to have access and support to Danielle in a monthly format. I feel really good about investing our family’s budget towards something my kids do five times a day – which is eat!


Danielle gives us a manageable plan so that we know how to avoid feeling frustrated or stressed out at mealtimes. She checks in with us regularly and holds us accountable with her empathetic and realistic approach. And there are prizes – so it’s fun too.


Mom of two

Since joining Danielle's membership there's less frustration for myself at the dinner table as I was feeling like I was failing, but now I realize my son is making improvements.


Mom of two

The monthly inspiration has been a game changer for us. Simple improvements to how we eat that have made a big difference in my children's eating and my sanity.


Mom of two

Deciding on mealtime rules with picky eaters can be SO hard! Danielle takes the guesswork out buy bringing current research and practical tips together and giving you a structure through which to view your family mealtimes and support your challenging eaters!


Mom of two

Mealtimes in the past have been stressful and not enjoyable, for my toddler, husband and I.


Learning ways to help my toddler and have a positive approach to new foods has been life changing for us. I’ve also learned strategies to avoid and work through “food meltdowns”.


Couldn’t be happier with Danielle - she’s a wealth of knowledge!!!!!


Mom of two

Join us today! 

In the CLUB, you get a step-by-step picky eating plan & guidance

(for a fraction Danielle's 1:1 coaching).


Join as a Monthly Member for only $37/mo

(you can cancel anytime)


Or join as an Annual Member for $370 USD ($74 savings)

Monthly CLUB Member


P.S.  The $$$ you save in wasted food will cover your membership & then some!

Annual CLUB Member




 Meal Planning Made Easy Workshop 

($90 value)


Two Months Free ($74 value)

Curious Cookie Placemat ($45 value)

Food Scientist Booklet ($30 value)

SAVE $74 (2 months free)

Get this for FREE when you join today!

"Master Your Mealtimes Starter Kit" ($190 value)


Includes 4 eye-opening video trainings, audio clips, and cheatsheets summarizing the key takeaways, so you can start seeing improvements at meals right away:

  • Part 1 – The Perfect Family Meal: How to serve meals to your family the right way – including what to offer at every meal to help your child’s repertoire expand and help your family thrive.

  • Part 2 – The Truth About Picky Eating:  How to know where your child falls on the picky eating spectrum, and why it matters, so you can respond appropriately.

  • Part 3 – The Must-Have Mealtime Plan How to know if you’re saying/doing the right thing at meals. Know where your role starts and stops so you can navigate meals with confidence.

  • Part 4 – Getting your Child to Eat: How to ensure your child has everything they need to do better with eating.  There are 3 things that must happen before improvements in your child's eating can happen.

Annual Member - Bonus #1:

Curious Cookie Placemat


A game-changing mealtime tool!

This revolutionary re-usable placemat for kids (even the pickiest eaters) will transform your child into a food explorer who explores (and even tries) new foods they NEVER would before.


Over 3000 families have used and love the mat, and seen incredible results. It's ideal for children aged 3-10 years old.



  • Two-Sided Easy-to-Clean Placemat - with food exploration game on the front & educational balanced meals colouring sheet on the back.  
  • Parent Guide - so you know how to get the most out of it.
  • Sample Tracking Sheet - with 30+ foods to explore with the placemat. So you can identify themes in your child's eating.
  • Custom Tracking Sheet - to track 30+ other foods with your child.

Value: $45 USD 

Your Price: $0 

Annual Member - Bonus #2:

The Ultimate Food Scientist Guide


A step-by-step guide for parents to get your child excited about interacting with new foods.

This 10 page step-by-step booklet gives parents a crystal clear plan for introducing rejected foods to their child in a playful way.  Be amazed as your child touches, smells, learns, and even tastes foods they previously turned away!



  • Parent instructions so you know exactly how to engage your child in food scientist activities.
  • Key questions to ask your child for each of the 5 senses.
  • Simple and fun food activities for each of the 5 senses, so you don't have to overthink what to do/say.
  • Critical strategies and tips to consider to help your child be more open to accepting new foods.

Value: $30 USD

Your Price: $0 

This CLUB is perfect for you if...

  • You dream of ENJOYABLE battle-free meals with your family.
  • You want to EXPAND your family’s nutritional variety without overthinking it (or spending a lot of money).
  • You strive for raising a child who is happy to EXPLORE (and try) new foods without a fight.
  • You have an endless to-do list but raising a healthy family is a PRIORITY
  • You want a PROVEN PLAN that you can implement in bite-sized chunks.

This CLUB is not for you if...

  • You’re happy to give your child (and family) the same foods day in and day out.
  • Mealtimes are a breeze.  You know exactly how to get more nutrition into your family, and everyone is happy to eat what you serve.
  • You don't have 5  minutes each week to implement the incredible yet simple strategies.
  • You prefer to wait for the ‘picky eating’ phase to pass (hint: it doesn’t for 25% of children)

Danielle is such a valuable resource! Something that makes her really shine is her authenticity and genuine desire to want to see parents succeed with their children during meals. The rewards of this program are more far-reaching than just growing your kids into adventurous eaters!

- Sarah Carver, USA (mom of 4 year old)

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Join us today! 

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Meal Planning Made Easy Workshop 

($90 value)

You can cancel anytime (even after one month).

P.S.  The $$$ you save in wasted food will cover your membership & then some!

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 Meal Planning Made Easy Workshop 

($90 value)


Two Months Free ($74 value)

Curious Cookie Placemat ($45 value)

Food Scientist Booklet ($30 value)

SAVE $74 (2 months free)