Let's Do This!

Let's turn your picky eater into a healthy eater in the next 6 weeks - with proven strategies that have worked for hundreds of families. 


It's time to start celebrating at mealtime (and say goodbye to mealtime stress).  

    6 Step-by-Step Modules

    Phase 1 - The Foundation

    How to set your child (and family) up for enjoyable and stress-free meals.


    - Understand where your child falls on the spectrum of picky eating (so you can response appropriately and effectively)

    - Rule out underlying challenges contributing to poor eating

    - Why children become picky and how to proactively address it

    - How to feed an underweight vs. overweight child the right way


    Phase 2 - The Day

    How to structure your days and meals to boost appetite and food intake.


    - What a typical appetite should look like for children

    - Why your child may not be hungry

    - 5 effective appetite boosters and key nutrients

    - The perfect daytime routine with right timing of meals/snacks

    - The 6 step process for starting & ending every meal (to improve mealtime behaviour and overall intake)


    Phase 3 - The Table

    How to define roles at the table and fix frustrating eating behaviours.


    - Get clarity on exactly what role parents must play at meals

    - When and how to offer bedtime snacks (and when to avoid them!)

    - The biggest mistake preventing kids from eating (what to do instead)

    - The 6 phrases to avoid to encourage better eating

    - The most powerful phrases to use at every meal


    Phase 4 - The Tools

    How to create the perfect meal environment that optimizes better eating.


    - The 9 must-have tools and products for picky eaters 

    - How to handle distractions so they don't persist long-term

    - How to respond to frustrating mealtime behaviours the right way

    - The one thing EVERY picky eater needs at every meal

    - Simple and quick ways to make meals fun (because kids would rather play than eat)

    - How to keep kids at the table longer (or speed up slow eaters)


    Phase 5 - The Meal

    How to prepare balanced meals/snacks for picky eaters and improve their variety.


    - The 6-step proven process for encouraging kids to try new foods

    - The rock-solid formula for getting your child to explore foods without saying YUCK. 

    - How to get more veggies on their plate (the right way)

    - What beverages to offer, when, and how much

    - How to treat "treats" and sweets to make them LESS desirable


    Phase 6 - The Nutrition

    How to know which foods to prioritize for picky eaters for optimal nutrition.


    - How to ensure your child gets enough protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber

    - What every meal needs for balanced blood sugar (and fewer tantrums)

    - 10 amazing nutrient-dense foods for picky eaters

    - 5 common nutrient deficiencies in children (and how to remedy them)

    - 3 must-have supplements EVERY child need – picky or not

    - How to build your child's immune health (because sick kids don't eat well!)



      YOU CAN TOO!

      "Thanks so much for everything Danielle. Prior to starting PEP I used to give my daughter one of about 5 meals pretty much every night.

      She would eat (or not eat!) this by herself with me pressuring her. We would then finish her routine, send her off to bed and my husband and I would then eat the “real” dinner time meal. 


      I have COMPLETELY changed this since doing your course."

      – Claire Wilkins

      "Before starting the PEP, our son literally only ate yogurt, chicken nuggets and potato chips.

      We had been evaluated by Occupational Therapists and Gastroenterology doctors and had read countless books on picky eating, and hadn't been able to get anywhere.


      Now, after implementing some of Danielle's strategies, we now have a boy who is asking questions, who loves cooking and who now is trying SO MANY new foods."

      – Dominique Harper

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