Ready to Stop

Dreading Meals

with Your Kids?

The Curious Cookie "Mealtime Fun" Cards inject joy at every meal and

encourage kids to sit and experiment with new foods - without the power struggle. 

We've never had so much fun at dinner!!  Who would have thought these cards would make all the difference?! My kids were experimenting with foods they don't like (and I didn't have to say a word!).

Abigail M. (Vancouver, Canada)


A food game that is 




Does this sound familiar?

  • Your child is squirmy at the table. You wish they'd sit longer than 5 minutes!
  • You hate allowing screens as a distraction.  If only your child ate without it.
  • Meals are a drag. But you blank on what to say to keep your child entertained.
  • And who has the energy to be creative...every single day?

Problem solved!


Ready to stop dreading meals with your kids?


And make all those fights over food a distant memory?


The Curious Cookie "Mealtime Fun" Cards will show you how to create positive memories of eating with your family.  Starting today!


Here's what parents are saying...

What can you expect?

  • Families are having fun without effort.

  • ​Kids are staying at the table longer.

  • Kids are trying new foods they didn't like.

  • Meals are finally screen-free.

  • Positive memories are being made. 

The Curious Cookie Cards include over 50 cards with:

  • Clever questions to fuel fun conversations. No more wondering what to say to keep them in their seat!
  • Quick food games that make scary foods so much more enticing. No need for you to get creative! 
  • Fun sensory challenges that will encourage food exploration without a fight. Yippee!
  • Simple nutrition prompts that promote learning about balanced meals and important nutrients. 


  • They come in a cute tin container that's perfect for your kitchen table. 
  • The cards are small enough to easily fit in your purse or take to a restaurant.
  • The cards are big enough for young children learning to read.



When children participate in setting the table, it starts meals on a positive note.  They feel involved and have a sense of control in the meal.  That's why you also get the "Table Setting Kit for Kids" when you buy the Curious Cookie Cards.


It includes:

  • 6 re-usable name cards (for your child to write each family member's name)
  • 6 name card holders 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What age do these work for?

  • 2. Are these printed cards?

    Yes!  After multiple requests from customers over the past few years, we have created over 50 beautifully printed cards (size 3.5 x 3.5 inches).  Each deck comes in a cute tin container that you can keep on your kitchen table, counter, or take with you when dining out.

  • 3. How many cards are there?

    There are 54 games cards in the deck, which you can use again and again.  

  • 4. Who are they good for?

    Families who have a hard time keeping their kids entertained at the table, or who want mealtimes to be more joyful (and not feel like they are constantly nudging their children to try something new).  While the cards aren't just for picky eaters, the activities promote fun food exploration and positive interactions with the food on the table. Expect to witness your child engaging with foods in a whole new way!

  • 5. How do the cards work?

    This is a collaborative game for the whole family. Every game card is color-coded and comes with either 1, 2, or 3 points.  Each person takes a turn selecting a card and completing the activity on it.  Once everyone at the table has had a turn (or multiple turns), count how many points the whole family has earned. Everyone works together to get more points each time you play!   

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